Tp Link Modem setup

TP-Link is one of the best names in its sector. The aim of any well-established company is to satisfy the needs of its customers through their products. The TP-Link company has been attending to the networking needs of the people since its inception in 1996. The company in a short span of time has evolved as a leading network equipment producer. TP-Link produces some of the best wireless modems, routers, Wi-Fi range repeaters and power adapters etc. If the product is convenient to use for the users naturally the number of users will increase. Keeping in mind the increasing number of users, TP-Link created a web domain which was used for a very long time. But now, the products and the technologies associated with them have changed and therefore TP-Link also changed the web domain to create the new one i.e. that is used to login to the TP-Link modems and routers as wells as other networking devices like range repeaters etc. The TP-Link has a very wide range of products like modems, routers, range extenders, repeaters and access points etc. The TP-Link is known for rendering some of the best wireless as well as wired modems. Some of them are listed below. Have a look at some of the world-class and outstanding performers from the TP-Link cart.

Best Tp Link Modem setup





archer c2 modem setup

TP-Link TC7650 DOCSIS series is an extraordinary modem by TP-Link that renders a blazing fast speed of internet by over 150 Mbps. The DOCSIS series modem by TP-Link is a great milestone achieved by the TP-Link. This is a high-speed cable modem and needs an external router to be connected with it for the free flow of the internet. The router is appended to the modem in order to expand the number of devices connected to it. Therefore, multiple users can take the benefit of fast speeds of the internet over this modem.

tplink modem setup
tplink modem setup

Configuring the TP-Link modem via

The configuration and set up of the TP-Link modem is a matter of great concern for some users. The users with very little knowledge of setting up the routers or modems can also connect and use their TP-Link modems by themselves. They just need to follow the guide we are providing on this page. After going through the setup guide for the TP-Link TC7650 DOCSIS modem thoroughly, you can setup and configure your TP-Link modem very conveniently. If you still face any trouble regarding the setup and configuration of the modem, do have a look at our troubleshooting section where almost all of the common queries have been answered. Below mentioned are the steps to be followed carefully for configuring the TP-Link modem.

  • Open the modem from its package box. Assemble all the important components like Ethernet cable, power adapter, modem, DSL/ADSL cable etc.
  • Connect the modem to the computer through the Ethernet cable of the RJ45 standard. The Ethernet cable is to be inserted in the LAN port of the modem and the computer.
  • Switch on the power supply of the modem and wait for the lights to turn stable.
  • Now, it is assumed the connection is set up. Now open the web browser of your choice preferably “Google Chrome” and enter the web address in the address bar.
  • Authenticate the page with the username and password. The default values for the username and the password is “admin” and “password” respectively.

tplink modem setup

(If the access to the modem setup portal is denied through the link, then try to enter to the modem portal through the default IP address i.e. or

  • Now the home window of the modem homepage will open and there will be several options and you have to click the Internet WAN tab for setting up the internet connection.
  • Select the proper connection type when asked to. The connection type required for the internet connection is PPPoE.
  • Fill all the other details in the connection section like DSL username and password provided by the Internet service provider.

For the rest of the remaining configuration, follow the quick setup wizard of the TP-Link modem and your modem will be configured within few minutes.

In the end, just click save tab and then apply changes tab in order to finish the configuration process.

Your TP-Link modem will get a reboot itself. Wait for the reboot to complete and the new settings will be written on it.

use wps setup to connect

Connecting the modem to the PC through WPS button

WPS button referred to as the Wi-Fi protected setup is the easiest way fastest way to get your modem connected to the computer. However, you will need to configure the modem in order to be able to use the internet service. The WPS connection method can be done in the following way.

  1. Just connect the TP-Link DOCSIS modem to the power supply through a socket.
  2. Now, switch on the power supply of the modem and press the WPS button given on the back of the modem.
  3. Just press the WPS button on the modem and try to click on the WPS option in the Network and sharing center almost in the same instance of time.
  4. The modem will now get connected to your PC automatically within a second or two.
  5. Now, you need to configure your modem for the internet by logging in to the modem through or

How to reset Tp Link router / Modem ?

Resetting the TP-Link modem

The TP-Link modems although don’t need to be reset in ordinary cases but still sometimes the modems need to be reset if they malfunction or stops working completely. There are basically two methods to reset the modem. They are –

  • Reset via the Reset button
  • Reset through the web-based interface of the modem

Reset via the reset button

The TP-Link modem can be easily reset through the reset button provided on the back panel of the modem. The reset button is usually placed inside a pinhole. The user needs to insert a paper pin or some other pinpointed object and keep the reset button pressed for at least 10 seconds. Your modem will reboot itself erasing all the settings and personal information written on it.

The firmware TP-Link modem update

The Firmware is software of the modem that acts as an interface between the modem and the user or PC. The firmware is the backbone of any strong and reliable network and internet. TP-Link releases some updates on its products from time to time so we need to regularly check out the support and download center of TP-Link for updates. The updates bring in some very useful and important features that enhance the security and the speed of the modem.

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