All your queries resolved here in the FAQs section

Just do have a thorough look at our FAQs section. Here in this section, we have tried to address all the ordinary and extraordinary issues that our users have to face while setting up and configuring their modems. So, just sit back, relax and read the whole section thoroughly.

How to access the web interface of the TP-Link modem?

If you are setting up your modem for the first time, you can log in to the web portal of the TP-Link modem through the web domain This link was created by TP-Link for the convenience of their users. It is much user-friendly and easy to remember. However, if you face any trouble while logging through the, you can log in through the default IP address of the modem i.e. or

Where can I find the default IP address of my modem?

Usually, in most of the TP-Link modems, the default IP address is printed on the label pasted beneath the modem. The other useful information like device serial number, MAC address etc. is also printed on it.

Why am I not able to login to the TP-Link modem through or

This is the rarest of the rare case that can happen to anyone but still, users can face this issue due to one of the several reasons like if the power supply is interrupted or if the modem is malfunctioning due to overheat or overuse of the modem. The inappropriate voltage supplied and improper Ethernet connection to the modem can also lead to the failure in accessing the TP-Link modems.

Can we connect our PC to the modem through a wired method?

Yes, definitely we can connect our modem to the computer in a wired way and in fact, the wired connection is more stable than the wireless one. The wired method includes the insertion of the Ethernet cable in the LAN port of the modem and the other end of the cable is to be inserted in the Ethernet port of the PC. In this way, the wired connection is done.

What to do if we forget the login password of the TP-Link modem?

First of all the users don’t need to panic as there is always a solution to every problem regarding the networking issues. If you are unable to login through the password you have set up earlier. Just go with the reset option of the modem. Press the reset button given on the back of the modem and hold it for at least 10 seconds and the modem will restart itself. Wait for the reboot to finish and your router will be set to its original factory state erasing all the settings written on it.

How to reset the modem through the

The TP-Link modem can also be reset through the web interface. The user just needs to login to the TP-Link modem by the default username and password. You need to look out for the reset tab in the home page of the modem and click of the reset tab. Upon clicking the reset tab, the modem will reboot and the setting will be removed and the modem will get to its original factory state.

Why do we need to update the modem firmware?

The firmware is the main software that is used to configure the modem with the new settings. The firmware acts as an interface between the modem and the user. The firmware although has the basic features and options embedded in it already. But TP-Link releases the updates in their products periodically. So, it is essential that we update our modems with the latest firmware. The Update in the firmware brings in the extended security as well as other features to it. The additional parental controls let the user filter out the unhealthy content from being surfed. So it is strongly recommended that you update the firmware of the modem.

How can we update the firmware of the modem?

Updating the firmware of the modem is an easy task. You firstly need to download the update file from the download center of TP-Link. Quote the exact device model number in the TP-link portal so that the correct update is downloaded. Now, login to the TP-Link modem via or and look out for the settings tab and then head to the firmware update tab. Upon clicking on the update tab, you will be prompted to select the downloaded file saved in your PC. Double click or open the update file and the installation process will start itself and the uploading process will start.

Important NoteIt is very essential that the updating process should not be interrupted in any case as it renders your modem useless and the modem firmware can get corrupt. So make sure the upload/installation process is completed without any hindrance.

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